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"And for that, for the freedom to experience the truly extreme, when payment is due, I'll pay."

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The Kelowna Smackdown Kelowna, B.C. Canada
RC Car Video (by Princess)
Long Sunset Wheelie Florence, Oregon, USA
1.3M   - Great Wheelie clip !
High Speed Night Wheelie Sand Lake, Oregon, USA
1.3M  - How's a 75Mph pass on 2 wheels for ya?
Baby Man in Flight Florence, Oregon, USA 789K - Good air (dirt bike)
Baby Man in Flight 2 Florence, Oregon, USA 882K  Big Time Rock and Roll Air! (Dirt Bike)
Raptor Dust Florence, Oregon, USA 372K  The Raptor kickin some dirt.
The Excavator Florence, Oregon, USA 245K  The Raptor moving dirt.
Air-Raptor Florence, Oregon, USA 467K Air on a Raptor
On the road to Glamis clip 1 Glamis, California, USA
A clip on the road to Glamis
On the road to Glamis clip 2 Glamis, California, USA 1.3M
A clip on the road to Glamis


Title Location Size Description
The Greatest Hits  Oregon / Glamis, USA
Compilation Video
GLAMIS Glamis, California, USA
! CAUTION ! - foul language (low res)
The Boyz trip Coos Bay, Oregon, USA
! CAUTION ! parental guidance MANDATORY (low res)
Good Day to Ride St. Anthony's, ID, USA
Compilation Video
Sand Lake
Sand Lake, Oregon, USA
An impromtu ride and some great wheelie footage
St. Anthony's, Idaho, USA
Great scenery and ATV action


These are the full movies (for those with a very fast connection, or lots of patience) from SandLake, Coo's Bay and Florence Oregon, as well as Glamis, California. They are done to Metal, Rock, Punk and even Country music and are about 5 - 25min long. There can be long download times, but we think they're worth the wait, so grab a cold one, light em if you gottem, and enjoy. Let us know what you think.


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