My Old Yellow Car

I found this car on the side of the road with a hand draw, weatherd, for sale sign sitting on the seat. The motor didn't have an air cleaner on it, the breaks didn't work and it had been hit in the front passenger fender. Perfect.

I'll save the gory details for another forum, but suffice to say, there's not much that hasn't been touched on this car. The body was pulled and 3 days were spent restoring the frame - it was placed on a Genesis machine and tweeked back to perfect. The trailing arms were replaced. The body was remounted with all new hardware.

Our very own, Baby Man, performed a few miracles with the engine by adding a Weiand 142 Supercharger and a Holley 670 Street Avenger.
The body was done complete (several times actually) untill it was perfect. The rear end was upgraded to one off an '80 to allow a rear deck spoiler opposed to the "luggage rack" standard on the 77. The interior was gutted and replaced.

Shown here is the finished product before the Supercharger hood mods (as shown above).

The wheels were then subbed for later model aluminum rims (pacecar style) and rear ground effects were added. More pics to come.