Vedder Mountain, B.C. Canada

Located in the lower mainland on the BC coast (East of Vancouver). Travel down Hwy #1 (Trans Canada) take the Yarrow (Cultis Lake) Exit
or come in from the Vedder Exit (not shown) both off the Trans Canada (Hwy #1). Follow the signs to Cultis Lake. Before Cultis lake - a shown on map 3 - there is a distinct left on the main road. If you are going to fast (this is a good thing) you will pile off the road and right onto the Vedder Mtn road. - It is the only place on the road from the Vedder Crossing turn off to Cultis Lake where the above description fits - trust me.

Reffered to in our group as "Oh yeah, Vedder" this place is not for the week of heart. Intermediate to Expert terrain. There is the odd begginer trail but it's the exception not the rule. Vedder is primarily a dirt bike site, maintained by the Lower Mainlain Motocross Association - who in fact, actually frowns on ATV use. Whatever.... Nevertheless, I can understand why, you can get in trouble, big trouble, at Vedder on an ATV, real quick. I guess they are getting sick of bringing in the chopper for another ATV rider in trouble. The trails are very narrow on a steep mountain side - very often to narrow to fit an ATV through. Always ride "up" off the main road at Vedder untill you know the area or you may find yourself in a situation where you can't return to where you came from (we did).

That said, we rode there most weekends for a year and hardly rode the same trail twice. It's woods riding to be sure, and it can get very extreme. We've actually taken smoke breaks within site of the unload truck. If your riding ability is upper medium to expert, your not going to have a whole lot of trouble other then walking up and down the mountain to bring your friends machines down the path you've chosen. At any rate, Vedder Mtn will keep you on your toes and offers some great view spots where you can see the whole Fraser Valley right to the Ocean, as well as challenging terrain.

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