Moses Lake, Washington, USA

Moses Lake is an interesting place. It's sand, kinda, with rocks, kinda, and mud, kinda. Ok, so if that isn't confusing enough, the directions are too - Go down I 90 to Moses lake - take exit 174 and follow the signs to the ORV area. - turn after turn will get you to an area that kinda looks like you could unload there.... (you can) but on the way out, just carry on down the road and go out the back side it's about 1/4 the time to pavement and leads you right to the local snack spot.

Moses Lake is begginer to intermediate riding. If you are an expert, when you get sick of jumping you'll be bored. That said, there are a large arrangement of hooks for air time, and a vast amount of rutted whoop laiden trails. I think riding with paddles here is overkill and will most likely cause you to beat the crap outta your hookers, but to each there own.

I must confess I only road Moses Lake for a quick ride one afternoon on the way through town, but it was an exploratory ride to see if it was worth comming back to - the verdict? well, it's right on the edge for me. It's a 5 hour drive from here and the Oregon Dunes are 7.5, so the general consensus amongst our riders is go to Oregon. On the flip side, if I lived close to Moses Lake, I'd ride there every weekend. It's as good or better then any local riding spot I've ever been to.

The town folk are very pleasant, terrible with directions of any kind and the local bike shop was closed, but I saw all 6 machines from the front window so nothing lost there.

I think Moses Lake would be a great spot for a party with the boyz, and camping seemed to be a non issue - no facilities tho. And Moses Lake does offer the unique ability to bring your jet ski or boat or whatever for a nice ride at the end of a day of ATVing. Mind you, that might keep you from getting bored too ... hmmm.......

The sand is hard enough that I drove my mud tire laden truck all over the initial dunes looking for an unload spot without any fear of getting stuck and the biggest hill would only be a slight challenge for my pavement preferred Chevrolet. But there is some excellent hooks there, so if jumping is your thing, you'd be happy.

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