Ok, so I'm gettin pissed about crappy directions and reviews of riding locations, so I'll put some up here. Like always, submit yours and I'll put it up.

Stave Lake, B.C. Canada Vedder Mtn, B.C. Canada
Chipmunk, B.C. Canada
Florence, Oregon, USA
Coos Bay (Winchester), Oregon, USA
Glamis, CA, USA
Moses Lake, Washington, USA
Herling Island, B.C. Canada
The Valhalla Range (Norns), Castlegar, B.C. Canada

All sites are rated by Rich's Rock and Roll scale :
1 - Stay in bed
2 - If you happen to wake up there on your machine
3 - If your homies make you go
4 - If there's gonna at least be chicks there
5 - What the hell
6 - Good for a day ride
7 - You've got my attention
8 - I wanna go again
9 - It's only Rock and Roll but I like it
10 - Glamis (The place that all others are judged by)

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