Glamis, California, USA

Glamis is the shit. Plain, pure and simple.  If you think you're good and you've never heard of Glamis - your not. There is a page devoted to Glamis on this site - here - go there, read, then go to Glamis. It is the site that all other riding sites are compared to <- period.

There is a store in Glamis (the "city") but they are biggots (from personal experience) and overpriced. There is no bike shop in Brawley (the nearest town) - go figure?? but there is in El Centro. They have a reasonable selection and fair pricing. The folk in Brawley are excellent and helpful, and ever tho we were warned that we would be charged for water and other basics, we filled up at the local 7-11 (FREE) and had no complaints.

Across the street from the Glamis store is a little outfit that will hook you up with everything from a dune pass or tire change to a FREE camping spot. There's a wonderful lady running the place that will fill you in on the what's what and the who's who.

There's also a very unique bar (don't ask me how to get there) out in the sand that will sell you a cold beer and bullshit will you until you've had your fill. They don't have hours, they're open whenever they feel like, and that's cool too.

Glamis is another world right here in North America. The dunes range from begginner level riding skirting around the ranger station to extreme expert level riding by China Wall (to the south). The sand is soft. You will need a hooker (paddle tire) to get around.

Simply the best ride I have ever been on.
'Nuff said.


Rich's Rock and Roll Scale --  10 (with a bullet)

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