Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

Coos Bay, Oregon, a.k.a. Winchester, North Bend, Horsfal, and Boxcar (although the last is really the name of comp hill) is located on the coast east of Eugene Oregon and South of Florence (about 3/4 way through Oregon) on the famous Highway 101. Take the I-5 to Eugene and head for the Coast - (about 50 miles). Entering Florence, pick up 101 South and follow the map.

There's a great bike shop in North Bend just over the big bridge on your left. This guy (and I'll be damned if I remember his name) is the guy. We actually drive from Florence to go see them whenever we're in the area. The guy will deal on anything, has tons of stuff in stock for all the popular brands and will go waaaaaay out of his way to help a rider out. I remember breaking a stearing shaft on Panz's Raptor and catching buddy in the parking lot as he was leaving - not only did he open his doors back up, but let us use his Mig and tools and shop for FREE. Stayed there and let us do our thing until we were good to go and smiled about it. If you are within driving distance of this shop - go there, spend money. He is the LAST good service shop in the entire world. (lol) - He's gonna kick my ass that I can't remember his name, but you know what? I'd rather be remembered for who I am than what my label is, and this guy is the shit.

Horsfal has dune access, showers and is off road vehicle friendly. It is, however, mostly reserved camping, so check that out before you go, but there is some real good day spots available.

The Dunes themselves are more hook then rolling. It's a great spot for intermediate to expert riders alike and there is plenty of riding for the begginer as well, but you'll want to stay off the 200' hooks. You can camp on the dunes themselves if you are brave enough, just be 200' from any sand road, you can also camp in the parking lot style campgrounds which offer basic facilities and treed lots with fire pits. There is lots of access to the beach where you can ride (there is a speed limit), but this beach also has been witness to some of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen. There is a noise limit in effect (anything but stock pipes is over) and the noise police are usually out every weekend at random locations.

Dune access from Horsfal is a simple drive down a wooped out sand road to the main dune area. Comp Hill is a favorite night spot and is surrounded by large dunes where you can kick back and watch the fun. There are also many sand trails to rally on as well as tighter dune areas for surfing. Paddle tires are recommended, but you'll get around without them. The Dunes here are more of a rectangle shape then Florence - Florence's main riding area is kind of square so when you enter you can go virtually any direction - in Horsfal, you enter at one end and have to travel over the same area to get farther and farther into the system. There is, however, multiple entrances from the KOA on 101 to the parking lot by the beach past Horsfal campsite.

A great place to ride, I've been there lots, and I will definitly go again.

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