Florence, Oregon, USA

Ah, the dunes..   :) Florence Oregon, located on the coast east of Eugene Oregon (about mid way through Oregon) on the famous Highway 101. Take the I-5 to Eugene and head for the Coast - (about 50 miles). Entering Florence, you'll pass the Yamaha dealership on the left - Good selection of stuff - but there aint no deals to be had here - retail is the way they play the game. Nevertheless, they are helpfull and have all the good stuff in stock.

You continue on past the the dealership (which is actually on Hwy 126) to 101 where you turn left. Travel out of town (South) to the Siltcoos Campground - Driftwood II Site. It has dune access, showers and is off road vehicle friendly. It is, however, mostly reserved camping, so check that out before you go, but there is some real good day spots available.

The Dunes themselves are rolling with the odd hook. It's a great spot for begginer to expert riders alike. You can camp on the dunes themselves if you are brave enough, just be 200' from any sand road, you can also camp in the parking lot style campgrounds which offer basic facilities and treed lots with fire pits. There is lots of access to the beach where you can ride (there is a speed limit), but the beach has been witness to some of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen. There is a noise limit in effect (anything but stock pipes is over) and the noise police are usually out every weekend at random locations.

Dune access from Driftwood is a simple drive down a wooped out sand road to the main dune area. Comp Hill is a favorite night spot and is surrounded by large dunes where you can kick back and watch the fun. There are also many sand trails to rally on as well as tighter dune areas for surfing. Paddle tires are recommended, but you'll get around without them.

The Dunes in Florence are my second favorite spot to ride.

Rich's Rock and Roll Scale --  9

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